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What is the capital of Cyprus like?

LEFKOŞA is the capital city of North Cyprus. The old town is hemmed by Venetian walls, with the majority of is modern buildings and administrative machinery located outside the walls, and most tourist attractions to be found in the old town within the walls.

Kyrenia (Girne) has always been governed by the sea. Its natural harbour, once coveted by anyone with dreams of empire and bustling with traders and exporters, is today just as popular with visitors whose only desire is to stroll the seaside strand and hop on a boat cruise around the bay.

Famagusta is a living legend of grandeur, once seat to civilisations now gilded in the pages of history, the pearl of Northern Cyprus offers a portal through space and time, an escape from the everyday drone of existence to a paradise of unsullied beaches, crystalline waters and a blissful climate. This is the destination for high-end tourism and upscale real estate investment.

Guzelyurt, known as the ‘beautiful place’ is a small town known for its abundance of citrus fruits which are distributed around the whole island as well as being exported worldwide. It is also easily accessible by road and visitors there are treated to a journey through the natural green landscapes as well as many sites of historical significance.

Lefke being one of the most beautiful town in North Cyprus is situated on the northern foot of the Troodos mountains. It is surrounded with the green covered mountains with its cool climate in summer and rather cold in the winter due to being close to the high range mountains.

Iskele is an important tourist centre where green meets blue on a 25-km-long coastline. The people of Iskele are hospitable folks, very interested in culture and art-related social activities. The Bogaz region of Iskele, which is known as an entertainment centre, is full of hotels and fish restaurants.In the small harbour of Bogaz, the fishing boats and others offer our visitors cruises along the eastern coast of North Cyprus.

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