Animal Husbandry

North Cyprus has various project investment and one of them is animal husbandry. This investment can be one of the successful nd profitable investment for you.

North Cyprus shows an understanding that accelerates the renewal and transformation of the region by matching its potential resources with investors. Strong agriculture and husbandry resources influential in this understanding serve directly to the goal of development. Wide and fertile agricultural lands and favorable climate in the province increase agricultural product variety.

Wide meadows of the province suitable for husbandry have influenced the development of bovine and ovine breeding. Furthermore, TRNC holds a potential for development for new investment branches in agriculture sector with its spreading organic farming and good agriculture practices.

North Cyprus is very suitable for farming, which can give high quality product such as eggs, milk, and different types of cheese. As a worldwide well known Halloumi cheese can be produced here and exported to a whole world. So we can say that investing into animal husbandry in North Cyprus can be very successful and profitable movement for investors