Healthcare system

Investing in the healthcare sector of North Cyprus is profitable, there are a lot of innovations and improvement in the technology of the hospitals, better facilities and a higher standard of medical care

North Cyprus has both state hospitals and private hospitals and the standard of care is very high, the hospital regulations in North Cyprus follows the British paramedic standards. There are a numerous number of hospitals and medical care available which are extremely affordable in every city of North Cyprus. Public hospitals are fully equipped, there are many beds for intensive care as well as specialized facilities for surgery operations, maternity, laboratory, etc.

One of the great advantages of public hospitals is that they are operating 24-hour emergency services and if necessary, they have a private ambulance to transport the patients at any time of the day or night. On the other hand, private hospitals in North Cyprus, same as with other countries, charges more but they are still affordable and has a better quality of facilities although most doctors work for both departments.

In addition, North Cyprus pharmacies are known for selling practically every prescription substance that you can think of over the counter.

Prescriptions and other over-the-counter drugs made in Turkey are relatively cheaper than those made in the United Kingdom, although pharmaceuticals imported from Europe are typically more expensive.