Single Investment

These investment options may offer a range of investment types suitable for a variety of risk profiles.

Everyone needs to secure their future, life is quite uncertain, and we never know what could happen at any minute. Property DMC brings a kind one-time investment plan where you are free from paying premiums for years to come before your policy matures.

With the help of this single investment plan, you only have to make the payment once, and then you wait for the policy to mature to get your money out of it.

These types of policies are commonly known as endowment plans which allow the policyholder to cover against the risk and also provide a guarantee of return which also includes the sum quoted plus the bonus amount, which gets updated every year till the time the policyholder takes it out.

Single investment plan is a long-term plan which follows the principles of "invest your money once and then forget about it for a long time." The span of time allows the policy to increase the overall returns that a person is able to acquire at the end of the tenure.