Property sales

Buying a house in North Cyprus will give you luxury, comfort, and a great location of housing options at an affordable price. Theres an opportunity to benefit from tourism dynamics with real estate investment, and high-quality standards when it comes to climate, geography, and culture. Also, there is an advantageous home-buying opportunity with tax and fee discounts with very flexible payment plans.

There are many advantages of buying a house in Northern Cyprus, one of them being the natural conditions of the Eastern Mediterranean. They are distinguished by a large number of sunny days per year (up to 340 days), a mild transition between seasons (warm, humid winters, and dry hot summers), a variety of landscape views (mountains, sea, forests), large area of forests that are beneficial to human health.

Another advantage is the high liquidity of the properties on the island, buying a house on the holiday paradise island of North Cyprus provides both a living and an investment. If you are considering buying a house in Northern Cyprus, you can make smart choices by learning some important details that propertydmc will provide for you.

The cost of a finished property is growing by 8-10% per annum, and the difference between the purchase at the off-plan stage and the “key handover” stage is up to 30%. Therefore, some clients just consider investing in property with its future resale as a more reliable decision to get income.

There are some points to consider before purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus: ⚈ The company that will carry out the sales transactions should be local and licensed. ⚈ It should be checked if there are situations such as mortgages that can impede the sale ⚈ The property to be purchased must have a building permit and license. ⚈ The transportation and other conveniences of the area where the property is located should also be checked. ⚈ If a property is purchased for investment purposes, regions with high rental prices should be preferred.

In addition, deed type is also important in buying a property in North Cyprus. Different kinds of title deeds offer different benefits and advantages. In Northern Cyprus, there are two most common title deeds: Exchange title deeds and Turkish title deeds. It is important to evaluate each accordingly. Owning a house in Northern Cyprus means a lucrative investment because tourism is always alive in this country. When the house owner isn't on vacation, they can make a profit by renting out their houses. Propertydmc will help you look for the perfect property for you, we already have several projects with different variations for sale which you can have a look at on our website. We also offer after-sales services and rental management, if you decide to rent out the property after buying it, our professionals will help and guide you all throughout the process to find the right tenants for your house. If you own a property in North Cyprus and wish to rent it out for either long-term or short-term, you can contact us.